Privacy Policy for Using The Site
1. Introduction

1.1. This document hereby named “Privacy Policy” is an integral part of the terms of use Agreement (hereby – “Agreement”) of the Site and defines the obligations of Experika to the User regarding certain information which is posted on the Site by the User.

1.3. By accepting the terms of the Agreement, you accept the Privacy Policy. If one of the terms of the Privacy Policy is unacceptable to you, you must not enter into this Agreement and cease using the Site immediately.

2. Information not under the Privacy Policy

2.1. By using the Site you publish information about yourself and make it available to other users, providing them the opportunity to make a search on the Site based on the information you provided. Some part of this information may be classified as personal data. In any case, by volunteering to post any information about yourself on the Site, this information, including your personal data, is no longer confidential (no longer has limited access). This information can become available not only to other users, but also to third parties who use the Internet. At the same time this information can become available to specified persons even if it is deleted from the Site. Considering the foregoing, Experika does not apply the Privacy Policy to this information.

2.2. Experika is not responsible for the actions of third parties in regard to information that is not under the Privacy Policy.

2.3. The password specified during registration on the Site is known only to the registered User. Experika cannot pass it on to anyone. The password can be modified by the system only by a User request using the specified e-mail. Experika cannot independently generate password reset requests or send such requests to other e-mails. Only the User is responsible for the confidentiality of his/her password.

2.4. Experika can use some information collected during registration on the Site for marketing purposes, but exclusively in impersonal form, which means that this information does not enable the person who provided it to be identified.

2.5. By following links from Experika to other resources, the User is personally responsible, because Experika does not control these exterior sites. Familiarize yourself in advance with the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of these sites.

3. The Scope of the Privacy Policy

3.1. When registering on the Site Experika you must specify the following information about yourself:

- e-mail;

- name and/or surname;

3.2. Information about the User’s e-mails and IP-addresses are saved automatically on the Site.

3.3. All this information is known to Experika and is under the Privacy Policy until you decide to publish it on the Site.

4. Obligations of Experika

4.1. Experika saves the information under the Privacy Policy as confidential information. That means that under no circumstances will Experika pass on such information to third parties.

4.2. Exceptions are made when Experika is obliged to pass on such information under legislation. In particular, Experika may be forced to pass on such information on the request of official state bodies exercising judicial or law enforcement, financial monitoring, personal data files recording, etc. Experika will perform such obligations only to the degree which legislation demands.

4.3. Experika’s liabilities to maintain the confidentiality of the specified information do not apply to cases when this information is divulged independently of any action performed by Experika. In particular but not exclusively, the specified liabilities of Experika do not apply to cases when this information is divulged due to unauthorized access to the Site, data stolen from Experika in another way, the transfer of severs and/or databases into the possession of other persons, etc.

4.4. Experika takes all the necessary technical measures to protect data from unauthorized access, although it cannot guarantee their reliability. As a result of this, before using the Site, the User must assume the risk of possible loss of his/her personal data or stop using the Site.

4.5. Experika reserves the right to use the information under the Privacy Policy (in particular, e-mail) to inform you about some products and services. But you can limit Experika’s right to do this in the appropriate section of your account.

4.6. Experika will immediately delete the information under the Privacy Policy from its server as soon as you terminate the Agreement and delete your account.

4.7. The present Privacy Policy is written in English and may be presented to the User in other languages for review. In case of divergence of the English with other language versions of the Agreement the Russian one will prevail.

5. Termination of Using Experika Service and Deletion of the Information

If you want to stop using Experika service, you can implement the following possibilities:

5.1. To hide the profile

You can hide your profile using the function “Hide profile” on a page of profile editing. Herewith your information becomes unavailable for users and visitors of Experika, but is still stored in data base.

5.2. Remove the account, using interface

You can remove your account, using the function “Delete account” on a page of account settings.

5.3. Account removing via reporting to the Experika support team

You can remove your account, writing an appropriate request to the Experika support team on

5.3.1. If the request is sent from the e-mail associated with removed account, this account will be removed by company staff in two working days.

5.3.2. If the request was sent from the e-mail not associated with removed account, this account will be removed after confirmation of request legitimacy of account removing.