About Experika

The search for employment and new employees is important both for individuals and businesses. That is why it is vital to use the most effective search method to achieve the best results. Experika helps you find jobs, staff and new contacts for professional growth and communication.

To illustrate Experika's aims, its name is derived from a combination of the word “experience” and the Greek word “eureka”, which is usually translated as "I have found it". Experika has been created to simplify the process of finding new jobs and staff, ensuring that the best outcome is achieved.

Experika places no limits on communication or the exchange of experience and ideas, and helps to overcome geographic barriers and language differences. Our services are offered free of charge and they greatly simplify the searching process and make it much more effective.

About the company

iPark Ventures is an IT-company that specializes in providing software development services. The company mission is to implement high-tech Internet projects and applications that solve user problems effectively. The Experika project very much reflects this mission. The development team is focused on the formation of a new user experience, providing users with new opportunities for entrepreneurial development.


The Experika project has been created to promote the career growth of users from different countries by helping them to communicate with each other. The following principles form the basis of the rights and responsibilities of the users of this site, and allow the Experika team to achieve its goals.

1. Freedom of information exchange

The User of Experika shall have the right to independently specify the type, make up and amount of information that will be published on the site.

2. Freedom of communication

The User has the right to communicate with any other users or companies registered in Experika if this desire is mutual.

3. Free access

The User shall easily be able to access the information contained on the Site. For this purpose the Experika team is developing tools that enable information to be exchanged in an easy, quick and effective way.

4. Equality of rights

Each User of the resource shall have equal rights to publish and distribute his or her data, obtain information from other users and communicate with them, regardless of the extent of the User’s participation and involvement in the project, providing that his or her actions on the Site are not prohibited by the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.

5. Formation of opinion

The User shall have the freedom to form his or her reputation through his or her skills, knowledge, professionalism and contacts using the tools offered on the Site.

6. Control of information

The User is the owner of his or her information and independently determines the time and terms of data publication. However, the Experika administration reserves the right to delete any information which is prohibited in the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy without notification.

7. Focus on users

Despite the commercial basis of its operation, Experika shall always focus on the needs of its users. All the essential functions of the Site will remain free of charge.

8. Openness

Experika shall publish information about its plans, goals, working policy and any implemented changes to allow each User to adjust his or her activity on the Site in relation to these changes.

9. Cooperation

Experika shall be open to suggestions and requests from users and partners whose productive cooperation and participation on the Site will guarantee the successful development of the project.

10. Unity

Experika shall strive to overcome geographical, national and linguistic boundaries and be accessible and understandable to every User.